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Title / Titre: Directeur de Recherches, FNRS

Research Area / Domaine de Recherche: Isotope Geochemistry, Geochemistry


Photo: Michel Brent

office / bureau: Campus du Solbosch, Batîment DC.5.135
phone / tél.: 32-2-650-3748
fax: 32-2-650-2226
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I.P.E. (Isotopes, Petrology & Environment) web site.

Tarap Valley in the Dolpo area (northwest Nepal) - alt > 4000m.

Research Statement / Déclaration de Recherche

Distribution of elements and isotopes in Earth systems with emphasis on the use abundances and isotopic ratios in defining the source and evolution of igneous rocks, the interaction between different reservoirs (mantle, crust and atmosphere) and the role of tectonic settings.

Time integrated studies of volcanic stratigraphic series on the Kerguelen Archipelago.

Large-igneous provinces: Kerguelen Plateau - Broken Ridge. Role of the Kerguelen Plume.

Geochemical and isotopic studies of sedimentary rocks, global changes and reconstitution of past environments. Frasnian-Famennian limit (Coumiac section).

Experimental laboratory studies of isotope partitioning between phases.

Selected Publications / Publications Représentatives

Weis D., Ingle S., Nicolaysen K., Frey F.A., Damasceno D., Barling J., and Leg 183 Shipboard Scientific Party. The enriched component in Indian Ocean mantle sources: evidence from pebbles in Elan Bank (Kerguelen Plateau ­ ODP Leg 183, Site 1137), Geology, 29, 2, 147-150, 2001.

Nicolaysen K., Bowring S., Frey F.A., Weis D., Ingle S., Pringle M.S., Coffin M.F. and Leg 183 Shipboard Scientific Party. Provenance of Proterozoic garnet-biotite gneiss recovered from Elan Bank, Kerguelen Plateau, southern Indian Ocean, Geology, 29, 3, 235-238, 2001.

DePaolo D.J. and Weis D., Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue in honor of Gerald J. Wasserburg, Chemical Geology, 169, 1-3, 2000.

Verheyden S., Keppens E., Fairchild I., Mc Dermott F. and Weis D., Sr isotope geochemistry of a Belgian Holocene speleothem: implications for paleoclimate reconstructions, Chemical Geology, 169, 131-144, 2000.

Frey F.A., Coffin M.F., Wallace P.J., Weis D., Zhao X., Wise S.W., Jr., Wähnert V., Teagle D.A.H., Saccocia P.J., Reusch D.N., Pringle M.S., Nicolaysen K.E., Neal C.R., Müller D.R., Moore C.L., Mahoney J.J., Keszthelyi L., Inokuchi H., Duncan R.A., Delius H., Damuth J.E., Damasceno D., Coxall H.K., Borre M.K., Boehm F., Barling J., Arndt N.T., Antretter M. Origin and Evolution of a Submarine Large Igneous Province: The Kerguelen Plateau and Broken Ridge, Southern Indian Ocean, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 176, 73-89, 2000.

Barling J., Weis D. and Demaiffe D., A Sr-, Nd- and Pb-isotopic investigation of the transition between two macrocyclic units of the Bjerkreim-Sokndal layered intrusion, south Norway, Chemical Geology, 165, 47-65, 2000.

Deboudt K., Flament P., Weis D., Mennessier J.P. and Maquinghen P., Air pollution sources assessment using the lead isotopic signature technique, The Sci. Total Env., 236, 57-74, 1999.

Mattielli N., Weis D., Scoates J.S., Shimizu N., Mennessier J.-P., Grégoire M., Cottin J-Y. and Giret A., Evolution of heterogeneous lithosphereic mantle in a plume environment beneath the Kerguelen Archipelago, Jour. Petrol., 40, 1721-1744, 1999.

Weis D., Frey F.A., Giret A. and Cantagrel J.M., Geochemical characteristics of the youngest volcano (Mount Ross) in the Kerguelen Archipelago: inferences for magma flux, lithosphere assimialtion and composition of the Kerguelen Plume. Jour. Petrol. 39, 973-994, 1998.

Dejonghe L., Demaiffe D. and Weis D., Strontium isotope geochemistry of anhydrites and calcite pseudomorphs after anhydrite from Palaeozoic formations of Belgium. Chem. Geol. 144, 63-71, 1998.

Yang H.-Y., Frey F.A., Weis D., Giret A., Pyle D. and Michon G., Petrogenesis of the flood basalts forming the Northern Kerguelen Archipelago: implications for the Kerguelen Plume. Jour. Petrol. 39, 711-748, 1998.

Weis D., Demaiffe D., Souchez R., Gow A.J. and Meese D.A., Ice sheet development in Central Greenland: implications from the Nd, Sr and Pb isotopic compositions of basal material, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 150, 161-167, 1997.

Weis D. and Frey F.A., Role of the Kerguelen Plume in generating the eastern Indian Ocean seafloor, Jour. Geophys. Res. 101, 13,831-13,849, 1996.

Frey F.A. and Weis D., Reply to the Class et al. discussion of "Temporal Evolution of the Kerguelen Plume: Geochemical Evidence From ~38 to 82 Ma Lavas Forming the Ninetyeast Ridge", Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 124, 104-110, 1996.

Current Projects / Projets Actuels

Time-integrated geochemical and isotopic studies of stratigraphic volcanic series on the Kerguelen Archipelago: modelling of the plume activity and magma flux over >115 Myr of activity; collaboration with Pr. F.A. Frey (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA) and with Pr. A. Giret (Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France).

Participation in the Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project: Pb isotopic stratigraphy by MC-ICP-MS; collaboration with Pr. F. Albarède (ENS Lyon, France).

Leg 183 (Dec 98-Jan 99): Future ODP drilling on the Kerguelen Plateau and Broken Ridge: determining the origin, growth and evolution of a very large igneous province in the Southern Indian Ocean, Frey F.A., Coffin M., Weis D., Schaming M. et al. Science prospectus.

Pb isotopic geochemistry of layered intrusions: the Kiglapait Intrusion in Labrador (Canada) and the Laramie Anorthosite Complex in Wyoming: Magma inputs, contamination effects and diffusion processes; collaboration with Prs. S.A. Morse (Univ. Massachusetts at Amherst, MA) and J.S. Scoates (ULB).

Pb isotopic study of particules collected around the channel area: determination of the Pb sources and modelling of the anthropogenic vs. natural sources; collaboration with Dr. P. Flament (Univ. Lille).

Geochemical and Sr isotopic studies of sedimentary series across period boundaries: Frasnian-Famennian at Coumiac. Factor analysis; Prs. A. Herbosch (ULB) and P. Claeys (Berlin).

Sr and stable isotopic study of stalagmites: reconstitution of the past climate and sources; S. Verheyden and Pr. E. Keppens (VUB).

Fields Trips

Oceanic Island Volcanism: Galapagos Penrose June 1998

Hawaii: Kilauea crater and lava lake 1987

Special Events

Arrival of the Nu-Instruments in the DSTE.
Our departement together with the Department of Geology of the Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren has recently acquired a multi-collector ICP-MS, Nu-Instruments through a combination of FRFC, ARC and Lotto funding. The instrument was delivered early February and was producing numbers very soon after. It is now being used routinely for Hf, Pb and Si analyses. The instrument was carried up the stairway - see pictures.

AGU Spring Meeting: Washington DC: May 30 ­ June 3 2000.

Special session V02: Origin and Evolution of a Large Oceanic Plateau, the Kerguelen Plateau, and Broken Ridge: Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Results From the 1998/99 ODP Leg 183 and Related Research Projects (VGP, Joint with GS, T).

Session description:
The Kerguelen Plateau-Broken Ridge and Ontong Java Plateau are the two largest oceanic igneous provinces. The former was the focus of ODP Leg 183 and the latter will be the focus of ODP Leg 193. The scientific objectives of Leg 183 focused on four major problems. 1) Chronology of Kerguelen Plateau/Broken Ridge Magmatism: the goal is to quantify magma flux as a function of time. 2) Petrogenesis of Basement Igneous Rocks: the goal is to constrain the mineralogy and composition of the mantle sources that contributed to magmatism, the melting processes that created the magmas, the post-melting magmatic evolution, and the relative role of the Kerguelen Plume, asthenosphere and continental lithosphere in the magmatism that formed the different domains of the Kerguelen Plateau and Broken Ridge. 3) Environmental Impact: the goal is to understand the post-magmatic processes that affected the igneous crust and evaluate the effects of the magmatism on the environment. 4) Tectonic History: the goal is to identify and interpret relationships between tectonism, magmatic construction and subsequent evolution of the plateau. These objectives have also been addressed by recent geophysical studies and research on the Kerguelen Archipelago, Heard Island and intervening seamounts. In this session we seek to define the state of our progress in achieving these objectives.

Conveners: Fred Frey, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA, Tel: 1-617-253-2818, Fax: 1-617-253-7102, E-mail:; Dominique Weis, E-mail:; Paul Wallace, E-mail: Paul_Wallace@odp.; and Michael Coffin, E-mail:

Others Interests/Policy issues

Women and Science: Sciences policies in the European Union: Promoting Excellence through mainstreaming gender equality.

ETAN report (pdf format - Acrobat 3.0 file).

Phoksundo lake - sacred lake of the Tibetans.

National Park in Nepal.

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