Last update: 03/09/2013



Seagoing missions

2013 ANT XXIX/6 AWECS (Antartic Winter Ecology and Climate Change). Cape Town (South Africa) - Weddell Sea - Punta Arenas (Chile), RV Polarstern (10 weeks).

2011 JC057 Dutch GEOTRACES West Atlantic. Punta Arenas (Chile) - Las Palmas de Tenerife (Spain), RV James Cook (4 weeks).

2010 64PE319 Dutch GEOTRACES West Atlantic. Scrabster (Scotland) - Bermuda, RV Pelagia (4 weeks).

2007 NBP0709 SIMBA (Sea Ice Mass Balance in Antarctica). Punta Arenas (Chile) - Palmer Station - Bellingshausen Sea (Antarctica) - Punta Arenas, RV Nathaniel B Palmer (5 weeks).

2004/5 ANT XXII/2 ISPOL (Ice Station Polarstern). Cape Town (South Africa) - Weddell Sea - Grytviken (South Georgia) - Cape Town, RV Polarstern (12 weeks).

1999 ANT XVI/3 Southern Ocean JGOFS/MERLIM/CARUSO. Cape Town (South Africa) - Atlantic sector Southern Ocean - Neumayer Station (Antarctica) - Cape Town, RV Polarstern (8 weeks).

1998 MERLIM98: Investigation of iron and zinc limitation of the natural phytoplankton community. Distribution of iron, zinc, manganese and aluminium in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. Texel (Netherlands) - Northeast Atlantic - Texel, RV Pelagia (4 weeks).

1996 Participation in a research cruise demonstration for the Science Commission of the Dutch Parliament. Texel - Scheveningen, v.v., RV Pelagia (1 day).

1996 Tromsø (Norway). Monitoring Phaeocystis spring bloom Balsfjord (3 weeks), RV Hyas, RV Johan Ruud.

1995/6 ANT XIII/2, Southern Ocean JGOFS. Cape Town (South Africa) - Atlantic sector Southern Ocean - Neumayer Station (Antarctica) - Cape Town, RV Polarstern (8 weeks).

1995 ANT XII/4, investigation of distribution and speciation of iron and its influence on phytoplankton growth in the southern Pacific Ocean. Punta Arenas (Chile) - Bellingshausen Sea - Rothera (Antarctica) - Punta Arenas, RV Polarstern (8 weeks).

1994 Texel (Netherlands), monitoring of Phaeocystis spring bloom in Marsdiep tidal inlet

1993 Intergovernmental Oceanographic Committee (IOC) Baseline Study. Intercalibration exercise to determine contaminant baseline levels in the North Atlantic ocean. St. John's (Canada) - North Atlantic - Reykjavik (Iceland), RV Hudson (4 weeks)

1993 Geochemistry of trace metals at the sediment/water interface. Dutch Wadden Sea, RV Navicula (1 week)

1992 ANT X/6, Southern Ocean JGOFS. Punta Arenas (Chile) - Atlantic sector Southern Ocean - Cape Town (South Africa), RV Polarstern (8 weeks).

1991 Study of iron limitation of phytoplankton growth in the northern North Sea. Texel (Netherlands) - Northern North Sea - Texel, RV Pelagia (3 weeks).

1990 Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (Dutch JGOFS). Den Helder (Netherlands) - Northeast Atlantic - Madeira, RV Tyro (2 weeks).