Last update: 03/09/2013



Participation in interdisciplinary research programs

2010– ongoing

FRS-FNRS: YROSIAE (Year Round survey of Ocean-Sea Ice-Air Exchanges in Antarctica). Coordinator: Prof. J.-L. Tison (ULB).

BELSPO: BIGSOUTH (BIoGeochemical cycles in the SOUTHern Ocean: Role within the Earth System). Coordinator: Prof. F. Dehairs (VUB).

NWO: GEOTRACES, Global Change and Microbial Oceanography in the West Atlantic Ocean. Coordinator: Prof. H. de Baar (NIOZ).

NWO: SeasonTrace (Support of seasonal sea-ice ecosystems by essential trace nutrient elements iron and manganese). Coordinator: Prof. H. de Baar (NIOZ).


FRS-FNRS: BASICS-IPY (Biogeochemistry of Antarctic/Arctic Sea Ice and the Climate System-International Polar Year). Coordinator: Prof. J.-L. Tison (ULB).


Action de Recherche Concertée (ARC): SIBCLIM (Sea Ice Biogeochemistry in a CLIMate change perspective), Communauté Française de Belgique. Coordinator: Prof. J.-L. Tison (ULB).


EC Climate and Environment Program: CARUSO (CARbon dioxide Uptake by the Southern Ocean). Coordinator: Prof. H. de Baar (NIOZ).


EC Marine Science & Technology (MAST): MERLIM (Marine Ecosystems Regulations: trace metal and carbon dioxide LIMitations). Coordinator: Dr. K. Timmermans (NIOZ)


EC Research Training and Mobility Program: «Significance of iron and manganese sequestration mechanisms by Phaeocystis colonies for carbon and trace element cycling in Arctic waters.» Grantee: Dr. V. Schoemann (NIOZ)


NWO: Nederlands Antarctisch Programma (NAAP), «Biological availability of trace elements for Antarctic phytoplankton.» Coordinator: Prof. H. de Baar (NIOZ).


EC Environmental Research Program: «Biogeochemistry of Phaeocystis colonies and their derived aggregates». Coordinator: Prof. C. Lancelot (ULB).


EC project: EROS2000 (European River Ocean Study). Coordinator: Dr. W. Helder (NIOZ).