Jiayun Zhou @ Glaciologie - ULB



Welcome to my personal homepage! :)

Hi, I'm a PhD student (FNRS fellowship from October 2010), under the supervision of Pr. Jean-Louis Tison (ULB) and Dr. Bruno Delille (ULg).

I got interest in sea ice biogeochemistry during my master thesis, by studying :

  • the relationship between O2/Ar and net community production

  • and the dynamic of sea ice internal content (isotopes, nutrient, chlorphyll-a, gas content) when sea ice is warming,

at Barrow (Alaska) - in collaboration with scientists from IARC.

Currently, I'm developing, with Dr. Martin Vancoppenolle (UCL), a model of gas exchanges through sea ice.

I'm also preparing a field trip to McMurdo Sound (at Scott Base), in the framework of the project YROSIAE. I plan to extend the gas study to DMS, CO2 to further assess the importance of sea ice in the exchange of climatically significant gases between sea ice/ocean/atmosphere accross seasons.

This homepage is still under construction. I hope to fill the pages soon.

last update : 05/05/11