Jean-Louis Deneubourg

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The research of Jean-Louis Deneubourg is concerned with the self-organization of animal societies and mainly collective decision-making in social insects and how these colonies can display cognitive capabilities that go beyond the scope of single individuals.

Jean-Louis Deneubourg was among the first to develop an approach combining theoretical models and experiments to study collective decision-making associated to the trail recruitment in ants. He identified the algorithms enabling ants to find the shortest paths between the nest and the food source, between different nests or to select the most rewarding food source. These results were a source of inspiration for the ant colony optimization algorithms developed by computer scientists.

Jean-Louis Deneubourg studied artificial systems (including robotics systems) mainly inspired by social insects. His work was among the first experimental demonstration of collective intelligence with robots. He is also working on mixed societies, societies where animals and robots communicate and cooperate. He published the first experimental demonstration of collective intelligence in such mixed societies (robots and cockroaches).

Key words: Ants, Complex Systems, Self organization, Social Ecology, Modelling, Mixed Societies (Robots & Animals)

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