Laboratory of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Organogenesis


The lhpFusionBox: dedicated software system for heterogeneous data fusion

The aim of this LABO work is to develop a user friendly software system that allows fusing various clinical data into a complex musculoskeletal model, visualizing and analyzing the data. The model may contain bones and muscles morphology and activity-related information such as motion capture data, electromyography, force plates, ground reaction forces, foot pressure plate etc…This software performed well-validated and controlled protocols developed for our modeling activities and automates numerous actions (thanks to special script mechanisms), thus simplifying model creation for end-users. Since processing speed is of importance in Clinics, the emphasis of this research is set to allow clinical user to quickly process her/his data in order to obtain relevant clinical information required to create the final patient report. The lhpFusionBox is currently being validated in clinical practice.


This image shows results of validated fusion of clinical data within lhpFusionBox. Fusion mainly includes clinically-relevant data: anthropometric data, motion analysis, ground reaction force, electromyography, foot pressure plate and medical imaging. These data were further registered with a muscle template model. Thanks to accurate spatio-temporal registration the system enable simultaneous visualization of the fusion results together with clinically relevant parameters such as motion graphs, muscle activities, muscle length and moment arms, helical axis, etc. the lhpFusionBox


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