Laboratory of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Organogenesis


Bone and joint shape prediction by customizable multiple regressions - lower limb

Quadric surface (QS) fitting of joint surface areas is often performed to allow further processing of joint component size, location and orientation (pose), or even to determine soft tissue wrapping using collision detection and muscle moment arm evaluation. This study aimed to determine, for the lower limb (LL) bones, if the position of its morphological joint centers and the shape morphology could be approximated using regression methods with satisfactory accuracy from a limited amount of palpable anatomical landmarks found on the LL bone surfaces. The main aim of this research is the developing of the pipeline allowing on one hand the data collection and database storage of LL bone characteristics, and on the other hand the determination of regression relationships from the available database.

Extension of this method to the upper limb, spine and skull is also running.

This image shows two femurs and tibia bone approximation by QS to estimate bone and joint shapes.

bone and joint shape prediction


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