Laboratory of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Organogenesis


Heterogeneous in-vivo data fusion

The aim of this research is to fuse data related to various aspects of clinical motion analysis : motion data, electromyography, force plates, ground reaction forces, foot pressure plate, palpation analysis, muscle information, etc … Well-validated and controlled protocols allowed to fused relevant data into advanced customized subject-specific models. This method is currently being validated during clinical trials in neurological and orthopedics practice. This research is used as Application Expert for the development of the lhpFusionBox (also performed at LABO).

This image shows the results of extreme in-vivo data fusion. Fused clinical data include: motion analysis, medical imaging, electromyography, foot pressure plate, ground reaction forces, anthropometrical measurements and in-vitro database measurements. Special graph tools allows to produce statistical data for report purposes. The software interface used here is the so-called lhpFusionBox.

Example of in-vivo data fusion

Answer for the riddle of the Welcome page: the video visible on the Welcome page (snapshot on the right) has been produced using the lhpFusionBox and shows forceplate vectors fused to the foot pressure from a subject walking.



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