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Organisation and responsibilities

Timeline and forms
Deadlines MUST be STRICTLY observed

What should be the final report and presentation


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Provide the student with a full-time three-months experience in the computer science career field by working with a participating employing firm, organization or academic research center. The student will be supervised by a faculty member acting as a liaison between the University and the employing organization to ensure compliance with specific learning and experience requirements. The employment can be either in Belgium or abroad, and normally would include practical experience.


Given the overlap between the internship calendar and the second exam session, only students having preferably no exams in the second session are eligible for the internship. There is a strict, non-negotiable minimum of 45 validated ECTS in June. If a students starts an internship procedure and after the first sessions he or she turns out not to be elgible any longer, all existing agreements are automatically declined.

Organisation and responsibilities

Internship actors

There are four main actors of the internship process.
  1. The Student, enrolled in the first year of the Master of Computer Science and registered in the Faculty of Sciences.
  2. The Academic Supervisor, i.e. a member of the professor staff teaching courses (mandatory or optional) in the ULB CS Master.
  3. The Host Company Supervisor, i.e. the legal representative of the organization hosting the student for the internship.
  4. The Computer Science Internship Coordinator(s) (in 2018, 2020: M. Jansen, in 2017, 2019: G. Bontempi)

Student responsibilities

Academic Supervisor responsibilities

Host Company Supervisor responsibilities

Internship Coordinator responsibilities

Timeline and forms

Deadlines MUST be STRICTLY observed If a deadline appears to be in the weekend, then action should be taken by Friday, 16h00 (4:00 pm)

(The observation of deadlines, being a daily practice in a real working environment, is also considered part of the pedagogical objectives of this course; failing to meet important deadline may thus result in lower grades)

How to report an internship

What should be the final report and presentation:

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