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The pdf file of my PhD thesis is available here: Page ULB These
Some results: 5 maximal (4,3) permutation codes, 139 maximal (5,4) permutation codes and 7 maximal (6,5) permutation codes.

The MAGMA program generating all non isometric permutation arrays is available here. Invariants are discussed in my PhD thesis.

My CV in french: here (always needs an update). A shorter version in English: here

My papers

Isometries and Construction of Permutation Arrays (arxiv)

New Upper Bounds for the Size of Permutation Codes via Linear Programming

Semidefinite Programming For Permutation Codes with P. Dukes

Abelian 1-factorizations of complete multipartite graphs

Cyclic and dihedral 1-factorizations of multipartite graphs with G. Mazzuoccolo

Invariant Kekulé structures in fullerene graphs with G. Mazzuoccolo and G. Rinaldi

Totally symmetric Kekulé structures in fullerene graphs with ten or more symmetries with G. Mazzuoccolo and G. Rinaldi


NOTE: (JULY 2014) I've now left the ULB since September 2013. If you want to join me, try mathieu.bogaerts[at]gmail.com.

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A picture

Me, a few minutes after defending my PhD thesis.

Left to right: Anne Delandtsheer, Leo Storme, Jean-Paul Doignon and... me.