Nadine Mattielli - Chargée de cours

Head of research unit Isotopes: Petrology and Environment (IPE)

Université Libre de Bruxelles. Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, CP160/02. Avenue F.D. Roosevelt 50, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Campus du Solbosch
Building D
Avenue Antoine Depage 30
Niveau 5 (third floor)
Office DB5.135

Phone :+32-(0)2-650 4714

Fax : +32-(0)2-650 3748



Zn fractionation during metallurgical processing (click to enlarge)

Global Zn biogeochemical cycle (click to enlarge)

Research interests:

My main research interest is focused on environmental trace element biogeochemistry. The core of our work at IPE consists of the development of non-traditional stable isotopes (Zn, Cd, Cu, Fe) – in addition to traditional radiogenic isotopes (Pb, Hf, Nd, …), as tracers of sources and processes of global biogeochemical cycles, environmental pollution and paleo-environmental reconstruction.
Our present research projects are dedicated to :

Environmental applications:

  1. Mobility of transition metals in the soil-plant system: isotopic approach
  2. Zn isotopes as tracers of airborne particles emitted by metallurgical activities
  3. Contribution of Cu, Zn, Fe Cd isotopes in addition to Pb isotopes for the study of Belgian North Sea metal fluxes on the basis of estuary inputs and atmospheric aerosol emissions of coastal industries
  4. Paleo- environmental reconstructions based on recorded transition metal profiles in peat-bogs and sediment cores

Geochemical constraints on mantle plume dynamics

  1. Dating and geochemical characterization of mantle xenoliths from Kerguelen Archipelago (Kerguelen Large Igneous Province)
  2. Occurrence of carbonatitic mantle metasomatism in Cape Verde plume activity (Santiago Island, Cape Verde)

Analytical development

  • Inter-calibration of reference materials (soils, sediments) for non-traditional stable isotopic systems


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