Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), CP 160/12
av FD Roosevelt 50
1050 Brussels

email: pmarduly(at)ulb.ac.be

Selected recent publications

BRANDERS V., MARDULYN P. 2016. Improving intraspecific allele networks inferred by maximum parsimony. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 7: 90-95. [software download] [PDF: see Publication request page]

DELLICOUR S., MICHEZ D., MARDULYN P. 2015. Comparative phylogeography of five bumblebees: impact of range fragmentation, range size and diet specialisation. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 116: 926-939. [PDF: see Publication request page]

MAYER F., PIEL F. B., CASSEL-LUNDHAGEN A., KIRICHENKO N., GRUMIAU L., ØKLAND B., BERTHEAU C., GREGOIRE J.-C., MARDULYN P. 2015. Comparative multi-locus phylogeography of two Palaearctic spruce bark beetles: influence of contrasting ecological strategies on genetic variation. Molecular Ecology, 24:1292-1310. [PDF: see Publication request page]

QUINZIN M., MAYER F., ELVINGER N., MARDULYN P. 2015. Theoretical expectations of the Isolation-Migration model of population evolution for inferring demographic parameters. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 6: 610-620. [PDF: see Publication request page]

DELLICOUR S., MICHEZ D., RASPLUS J.-Y., MARDULYN P. 2015. Impact of past climatic changes and resource availability on the population demography of three food-specialist bees. Molecular Ecology, 24: 1074-1090. [PDF: see Publication request page]

DELLICOUR S., KASTALLY C., HARDY O. J., MARDULYN P. 2014. Comparing phylogeographic hypotheses by simulating DNA sequences under a spatially explicit model of coalescence. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 31:3359-3372. [PDF: see Publication request page] [software download]

DELLICOUR S., FEARNLEY S., LOMBAL A., HEIDL S., DAHLHOFF E., RANK N. E., MARDULYN P. 2014. Inferring the past and present connectivity across the range of a North American leaf beetle: combining ecological-niche modeling and a geographically explicit model of coalescence. Evolution, 68:2371-2385. [PDF: see Publication request page]

QUINZIN M., MARDULYN P. 2014. Multi-locus DNA sequence variation in a complex of four leaf beetle species with parapatric distributions: Mitochondrial and nuclear introgressions reveal recent hybridization. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 78:14-24. [PDF: see Publication request page]

DELLICOUR S., MARDULYN P. 2014. SPADS 1.0: a toolbox to perform spatial analyses on DNA sequence datasets. Molecular Ecology Resources, 14:647-651. [PDF: see Publication request page] [software download]

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MARDULYN P., GOFFREDO M., CONTE A., HENDRICKX G., MEISWINKEL R., BALENGHIEN T., SGHAIER S., LOHR Y., GILBERT M. 2013. Climate change and the spread of vector-borne diseases: using approximate Bayesian computation to compare invasion scenarios for the bluetongue virus vector Culicoides imicola in Italy. Molecular Ecology, 22:2456-2466. [PDF]

VEREECKEN N. J., WILSON C. A., HÖTLING S., SCHULZ S., BANKETOV S. A., MARDULYN P. 2012. Pre-adaptations and the evolution of pollination by sexual deception: Cope’s rule of specialization revisited. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 279 :4786-4794. [PDF]

MARDULYN P. 2012. Trees and/or networks to display intraspecific DNA sequence variation? Molecular Ecology, 21:3385-3390. [PDF]

MARDULYN P., OTHMEZOURI N., MIKHAILOV Y.E., PASTEELS J.M. 2011. Conflicting mitochondrial and nuclear phylogeographic signals and evolution of host-plant shifts in the boreo-montane leaf beetle Chrysomela lapponica. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 61:686-696. [PDF]

MARDULYN P., MIKHAILOV Y.E., PASTEELS J.M. 2009. Testing phylogeographic hypotheses in a Euro-Siberian cold-adapted leaf beetle with coalescent simulations. Evolution , 63:2717-2729. [PDF]