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Stéphanie Depickère
Triatoma infestans

T. infestans
contact: stephdepickere  @
I am currently an independent researcher, working in collaboration with the IRD, the Bolivian INLASA Institute, and the UMSA. I am conducting investigations on vectors of Chagas disease in Bolivia (role of potential secondary vectors, resistence to insecticide, distribution of wild Triatoma infestans, etc).

After studies in France, I obtained my Ph.D. in Biological Science, specialization in Ethology, at the Paris XIII University and at the Free University of Brussels, in 2003. During my Ph.D., I worked on the analysis of the gregariousness in ants, particularly in Lasius niger, studying the dynamics and the mechanisms of this process.

Then, I worked on a European Project (LEURRE) to study the behaviour of aggregation in the cockroach Periplaneta americana, in order to discover the behavioural rules and then implement them in some small robots (Insbots) which mime the behaviour of cockroaches. The aim of this project was to integrate these insbots to the insect group, forming "mixed societies", and then try to control the insects by the insbots.

Furthermore, I enter in the medical entomology world by beginning a study in Bolivia on the assassin bug Triatoma infestans, studying their aggregation behaviour.

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