Polymer and Soft Matter Dynamics

Prof. Simone Napolitano, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Upper left panel: Mont des Arts, Brussels
Upper right panel: Kata beach, Phuket
Lower Panel, Corso Mazzini, Cosenza
last update 17.01.17


06.01.17 The Perspective of SN on how fundamental studied on confinement effects helped solving a long-lasting problem of applied electronics

30.09.15 Read here the Viewpoint of SN on the dynamics of ring chains trapped in a tube of linear chains

14.07.15 Check the new book edited by SN on Non-equilibrium Phenomena in Confined Soft Matter

18.06.15 Congratulations to Jean Spièce for publishing his first paper. Check his work on the impact of nanoscopic confinement on the glass forming ability of thin films of PLLA, that got to the cover of Soft Matter

09.04.15 An open position for a postdoctoral researcher - starting 01.10.15 (filled!)

14.03.14 PRL has accepted a paper of Qiyun Tang, Wenbing Hu and SN on a new confinement effect observed in the physical aging of thin polymer films 

17.07.13 SN is attending the 7th. Int. Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems in Barcelona, 21-26th July

25.06.13 Discover our Colloquium paper on “Glassy dynamics of soft matter under 1D confinement” on EPJE

04.12.12 Nature Communications has published a paper of SN on the presence of medium-range order in supercooled liquids and its impact on the glass transition

29.11.12 The last chapter of the Master Thesis of SN has been finally published in a paper recently appeared on Nanotechnology, here’s the press release (in Italian)

05.09.12 SN received the Peter Debye Prize for Young Investigators for Excellence in Dielectric Research, established to encourage and support young scientists (< 36 yo) to continue research in Dielectric Spectroscopy and its applications.

18.05.12 Congratulations to Marie-Luise Braatz for defending her Bachelor Thesis on the impact of annealing on the Tg of supported films of PS, with the maximum score!

17.11.11 Check the profile of SN on Google Scholar

15.09.11 SN starts working at the Université Libre de Bruxelles with the faculty position of Chargé de Cours

09.06.11 SN is visiting the group of Prof Gi Xue in Nanjing University, China

29.03.11 Nature Communications published a paper of SN on the origin of the deviations from bulk behavior in ultrathin polymer films