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I was born on the 24 sept. 1983 in Etterbeek / Brussels / Belgium.
I've studied at the Athénée Royal Jean Absil before coming to U.L.B.
During the last 2 years of the 6 spent there, I chose the "Maths+" option (M8 P3 C3 B1)
I've just achieved my 4th year in Geology. (a.k.a. : "Licencié en Sciences Géologiques")

MasterThesis subject : "Apports de la tomographie et de la cartographie de résistivité électrique
à l'identification et à l'étude de failles actives en contexte extensif"

Director : Prof. Th. Camelbeeck (ULB-ORB)
Future ?
I'm currently candidate for funding to start a Ph.D. in Seismology of the Eastern part of Belgium (the Ardenne). More information soon, I hope!

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